This cleaning method involves using Pure (de-ionised and de-mineralised) water pumped through a carbon fibre pole with a soft filament brush at the end of it.

The Pure water dissolves small particles, chemicals and minerals quickly and easily and holds them in suspension. The soft filament brush helps to dislodge any stubborn particles, and the constant stream of pressurised Pure water washes away all the suspended dirt to leave a streak free finish.

Other advantages of this system are…

  • Safer, as operatives work from the ground, no ladders required
  • Environmentally friendly, no harsh chemicals are used
  • Frames can be washed at the same time
  • Reduced disturbance and increased privacy
  • Reaches previously inaccessible windows with ease
Even if the windows look wet when they have just been cleaned, the Pure water left on the surface simply evaporates away to leave sparkling clean windows.