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The Beehive, Nakuru, Kenya:
Transformation through
Compassion, Love & Hope.

Young girls, sometimes as young as 9, becoming pregnant and finding themselves facing choices they should never have to face: homelessness, prostitution to support their new baby, or abortion. This is the reality in Kenya: the child-mother. As we continue to work alongside the poor and vulnerable, we have set up a new project,The Beehive, providing a home, and much needed care and support for some of the most needy of these young mums and their babies. The girls will receive education, either academic or vocational depending on their individual abilities, as well as learning the essential life skills needed in their culture. It is our believe that in empowering these precious young women, they shall have renewed hope and belief in themselves, and their own worth. The babies will also receive education once they reach the appropriate age, meantime being able to grow and develop in a loving and caring environment.

The Beehive has space for 10 girls and 10 babies. Monicah, our house-mum, works alongside us helping in all the day-to-day tasks that running such a busy household entails. Together we take care of the girls and bubs, helping them to grow into their God-given potential. Mary, our social worker, assists us one day a week, counselling the girls and working to find family members in the hope of rehabilitating those girls who have family members back into their families. There will always be those that do not have family to be reconciled with, or whose situations are such that for them to return to the family would endanger them, and so these girls will remain with us long-term.

If you would like to sponsor one of our girls or their babies, please email: for more information

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