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Alan & Jane have answered
God's call to serve in Africa!

Latest News…
We are now back in Africa after our Christmas trip home.

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Older news...

Feb News…
The tickets are booked!
We leave on the 19th March.
Our regular monthly support is now £454, about a ¼ of what we estimate we need! If you would like to add to this or make a one off gift: if you pay tax, then please do so via our Stewardship account, alternatively you can print this form, (which they created specifically for us!) As Stewardship charge a 2% admin fee, if you do not pay tax please use this form to give directly to us.
For further details, please go to our support page, and see how we are progressing with our one off needs.

Ugandan News…
There is an issue with security at the house that we shall be staying in in Kabale. Medad and Benson want us to be safe and secure there, and wanted to be able to build a wall around part of the land, joining to the house, but this is coming at an estimated £3,000 for labour (using the bricks already made), so this has been dismissed as not possible at the current time, and they are looking at employing an armed guard for us! This is not ideal, but we have to trust in the Lord, and pray that provision will come in, in due course, to be able to build the wall. We will not be un-safe, so please do not worry about that, but obviously the more we can make things more secure the better, as we will be quite vulnerable once in situ! We are still trying to sort out a vehicle for once we are there. We have done quite alot of research and unfortunately the cost of transporting a vehicle from UK, or from Japan (where alot of vehicles are shipped in from) is outrageous! The price just about triples with import taxes, duties etc etc! We are waiting to hear from someone we know who has contacts in Kenya in the car field, who may be able to help us source a suitable vehicle in Kenya or even Uganda, and so we would avoid all the taxes etc.

We are in the process of setting up a school partnership between Farlingaye and the WSF school, which will bring with all sorts of benefits to the pupils on both sides of the ocean.

We are hoping to have a suitable lodger in the house, who will fit in with Mckenna and Sam to help pay the household expenses that remain here in UK.
    Continued points for prayer…
  • all the plans and details shall run smoothly
  • the "wall" situation shall be resolved sooner rather than later
  • we shall be able to source a vehicle within the funds that we have
  • the school partnership will prove to be positive to both parties
  • the right person will come forward to be a lodger
  • Sam will be able to make clear plans for the rest of his gap year
  • the financial support shall continue to grow, particularly the regular monthly giving
  • and that we shall remain faithful and obedient at all times to God, our Father; that we shall be able to discern His guidance and have wisdom in all things.

Thank you once again,
with our love and blessings
Jane & Alan
January News…
I handed in my notice a couple of weeks ago; which really did feel like a huge act of faith! I have been at Farlingaye for over 11 years, and so this was a big step. I have to say that I felt surprisingly nervous beforehand; but then I was very excited afterwards!!
Alan has given notice to the bank to close his Business Bank Account. So the "real" work has begun! The financial provision is growing - we are up to a pledged £307 per month, which is great start, but still a long way to go
we also have been given £4,687 as one-off gifts towards the expenses we face in purchasing our flights, visas, vaccinations, the purchasing of the vehicle, and other setting-up expenses, including £1,000 promised, given through Stewardship, so that £1,000 gift is worth £1,212,50 to us; we thank the Lord for His mighty provision.
We ask that you pray for the pledges of regular monthly giving to increase as it is this will be used to meet our day to day living expenses.
We are long way off the target that we hoped to reach by the end of December, but we have prayerfully made the decision that we shall go anyway, in faith that in getting out of the boat we shall walk on water! (or, as the picture that God showed Alan: when you dive off the 10 metre '30 feet up' diving board you do not know if the water will break until you hit it!)
There is so much to do once we are into the New Year… I must start that list!!

So we also ask that you will pray for all the practical arrangements to begin to fall into place; particularly the house, the provision and purchasing of a sturdy car, the organising of visa's and flights; the enormous job of sorting through the house here, sorting out Alan's work / tax / accounts etc (as he is self-employed this is more complicated!) and many other things that I can't think of right now!!
We thank you, as always, for your prayers and your support, and we pray that each of you and your families will have a blessed and prosperous New Year.

December News…
Dear friends, thank you so much for your prayers for our trip to Glasgow to meet with the WSF trustees and Medad and Benson. We had an interesting trip up there! But the Lord made sure we caught our flight (just!!) And we had a really blessed time. It was well worth making such a long trip for one night, and one meeting! The trustees were very supportive and positive relationships were formed!

The other really good news that we have recently received is that Stewardship have accepted us as eligible recipients of support through their organisation. If you feel called to support us financially then this is much appreciated.
If you are a tax-payer then it is worth going through Stewardship as gift-aid can be claimed, so for each £1 you give, we actually get about £1.21. Stewardship will keep us informed about gifts - you can remain anonymous if you prefer. Please use this form, (which they created specifically for us!) or setup your personal 'giving account' via this Stewardship web page. For more info about Stewardship, here is a link to their help pages.
If you are not a tax payer then it would be better to make any donations (either one-off our regular giving) directly to our Uganda account, to avoid the 2% Stewardship administration fee. If you would like to do this then please use this form.
For those of you are already financially supporting us through the Uganda account, but who would like to swap now to Stewardship in order to claim the gift-aid, this should be straight forward: you will just need to set-up the Stewardship giving account, using this form, or this link and then cancel your standing order with our Uganda account.
Please pray that the Lord will open the heavens for our provision, and that He will guide and direct us in every way,

every blessing
Jane & Alan

"Parting Seas" is the ministry of Jane and Alan Hutt, inspired by so much that they have seen and heard over the past few years.

Jane and Alan became followers of Jesus Christ in 2005, and almost immediately began to get a sense of being called to Africa: however, they had absolutely no idea how this would come about! In 2011, at a local Christian festival, they met Dr Rev Medad Birungi from Uganda, and accepted his invitation to visit his country and the school that his ministry runs, and this began a new friendship, and opened the door for their work in Africa.

So, two short term mission-trips later, Jane and Alan made the toughest decision of their lives, and in March 2013 they moved to South Western Uganda to work alongside this school and to look at developing their own project.

This meant leaving behind their children, Mckenna now aged 24, Christie-Lee now 22, and Sam now 20, as well as leaving the security of the jobs that they had held for many years. But they knew that they had to go!

They spent 6 months based in Uganda, initially at the school, and then working in community outreach to people living in extreme poverty and need. In September 2013 they followed the call of the Lord, and moved across to Kenya, continuing to do community outreach, as well as investigating the local needs of the people there.

2014 has brought an exciting new project: The Beehive, working and living alongside the most vulnerable and needy of young mums and their babies.

To support this work…
Alan And Jane with Loyce Alan, Jane and Loyce in Uganda.

Church Recommendation...

Alan and Jane Hutt have been valued members of All Saints Church Wickham Market for the past six years, having led our Youth Group for three of those years. They both have a wonderful heart for serving our Lord and walking in obedience to Christ. They go out from us with the full support of this their local church.

Rev’d Dr John Eldridge
Vicar, All Saints Wickham Market
(June 2012)

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