The National Numeracy Strategy

Year 5 Key Objectives

  • Multiply and divide any positive integer up to 10 000 by 10 or 100 and understand the effect.
  • Order a given set of positive and negative integers.
  • Use decimal notation for tenths and hundredths.
  • Round a number with one or two decimal places to the nearest integer.
  • Relate fractions to division and to their decimal representations.
  • Calculate mentally a difference such as 8006 – 2993.
  • Carry out column addition and subtraction of positive integers less than 10 000.
  • Know by heart all multiplication facts up to 10 × 10.
  • Carry out short multiplication and division of a three-digit by a single-digit integer.
  • Carry out long multiplication of a two-digit by a two-digit integer.
  • Understand area measured in square centimetres (cm2); understand and use the formula in words ‘length × breadth’ for the area of a rectangle.
  • Recognise parallel and perpendicular lines, and properties of rectangles.
  • Use all four operations to solve simple word problems involving numbers and quantities, including time, explaining methods and reasoning.

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