Graham Yetton BSc

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer

I have trained all versions of Microsoft Office, right back to days before 'Office' when Microsoft sold Word, Excel and Access as separate applications. I have extensive commercial experience using Microsoft Office Applications (Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint and OutLook) which means I am better able to understand your business needs, and provide tailored training.

Often clients do not have the time (or the desire) to gain the level of expertise required to create the documents or spreadsheets they need. Through discussion I can establish the outcomes required; design, create and implement the necessary forms or templates, and then provide any ongoing support that might be required. My specialism is Excel, and I am just a few questions off becoming a 'Master Expert' on the Experts Exchange web site.

Having developed a few websites for people I know and having passed the Latest Microsoft web design exams, I am now offering this service too. My sites are custom built, with Search Engine Optimisation built in from the start, not as an 'add on'. This also produces much smaller web pages which means much faster web pages. My sites work with many different browsers because I stick to agreed web standards.

I tutor maths, because I love maths, and believe it to be a vital subject that everyone should have a good understanding of.

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